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We design, develop and manage these projects from the ground up and, most importantly, in-house.


We provide to make sure your business has the right plan, processes, tools and resources to be successful.

SBA Workflow Automation

Do more with less by creating capacity to grow. An owner has to know how profitable their business is.


Over the past decade, we have developed more than forty properties. We design, develop and manage these projects from the ground up and, most importantly, in-house. Our portfolio of projects has achieved millions of dollars in sales and continues to operate annual marketing spend in the hundreds of thousands of dollars. Our experience building and subsequently managing these projects have honed our project execution strategy. We work with companies not just to build their websites and manage and run their marketing and web presence, but to actively build a more robust online platform.

Bring Your Business To The World

Society lives on the internet and their devices nowadays. It takes a lot of experience and expertise to devise the best strategy to bring your business online in an effective and efficient way. While there are many tactics it takes careful planning to combine the correct ones that match your business and goals.

Strategy vs Execution

A 50/50 split between knowing the white space opportunity matched with the vision of the project and having the talent to execute and bring that vision to life.

Our Solutions

Use web development, marketing and a social buildout to execute against your strategy.


Web development, app development and sales funnel development.


Use digital marketing to grow your audiences for attention you need to execute against.


Stay social to fully engage your customers in the experience of your brand.

Our Program

Web Development

Buildout of all tech assets: website, application, sales funnels, lead pages.

Mobile Development

Buildout of all tech assets: website, application, sales funnels, lead pages. Optimized for mobile devices.


Set up a strategy for attention using SEO and SEM tactics. Copywriting guidelines and goals for awareness and audience growth.

Content Creation

Producing content that defines your brand and connects with your customers and fans. Integrating this content to your web assets and social channels.

Marketing & Social

Out reach to grow your audience and fan base. Using this audience to lead them into specific actions.

Customer Engagement

Connecting with customers through email marketing, messenger apps, social engagement for top of mind sales.

Featured Projects

Projects built in-house from inception to management. Design and branding, web development, product sourcing, marketing and advertising.

Website Development

Facebook Marketing

Amazon Selling


We provide funding advisement with the goal of obtaining the cheapest capital possible for our clients.

Brand New 0% Interest Financing Options


LOC up to $250k based on credit

See personal and business for details

Online Funding Program

Up to $100k

Sales Royalty Program


0% Financing

Brand New 0% Interest Financing Options

Lines of Credit - Personal

Obtain a personal line of credit that fits your needs

Lines of Credit - Business

Financing to take your business forward

Combo Funding

Select a Suite of Products, and Suit Your Needs

Small Business Loans

Every small business should have access to capital at all times

Equipment Leasing

Having the right equipment can help a business


The perfect funding option for distribution or wholesale.

Merchant Cash Advance

For businesses that prefer cash flow friendly payments

SBA Loans

The longest terms and lowest rates backed by the government

Commercial Bridge Loans

So your short-term financial needs can be met

Real Estate Financing

Providing our clients with the best options possible.

Start Growing With Quick Wins Consulting Today

With a team to help empower you, getting money has never been easier.


Marketing System

60% of all marketing is wasted. The trick is knowing which 60%. Automated:

Steady, Predictable Stream of the "Right" New Leads
Optimize New and Existing Customers
Today's Most Effective Strategies - Digital, Social, Email
Scheduled Marketing
Hosted Technology Tools - CRM, Email, Text, Social

Operations System

Do more with less by creating capacity to grow. Automated:


Daily Work Tasks
Customer, Worker, Supplier Messaging
Scheduling, Estimating, Project Planning, Change Orders
Materials and Subcontractor Procurement
Updates - Customers, Suppliers, Workers

Finance System

An owner has to know how profitable their business is. Automated:

Accurate Financial Information
Bookkeeping / Accounting
Budgeting / Forecasting
Profit Analysis
Access to Capital

Cost Savings

Successful companies look for ways to cut costs. Our consultants will help you save money in every corner of your business:

Payment Processing
Communication / Phone / Internet
Debt Payments
Payroll / Staff
Office and Equipment Purchases

Systems Are Available Separately, OR as a Single, Integrated System.

SBA Automation

Our hosted, managed work system is a web-based application to automate business operations. The system is a simple and easy-to-use platform that allows you to eliminate much of your daily work tasks and instead monitor your business in a few minutes per day. The work system is entirely scalable; it can expand as your business grows.

With the work system, all business functions are integrated in a single platform. Just as important, the system standardizes work into uniform processes. Rather than treating each customer, project, and task as a “one-off”, there is a set of instructions and protocols for all key business functions. As a result, business owners will:

  • Eliminate manual processes
  • Eliminate buying, installing, running, and maintaining multiple software platforms
  • Create an automated, simplified, and streamlined business

All of which allows a small business to produce more work, lower costs, and make more money. Owners spend less time and money on business operations and more time running and growing their business.

Here’s how it works. Quick Wins SBA delivers three key services:


Quick Wins SBA evaluates your business to understand how your business is structured, how it operates, and what is holding back.


Quick Wins SBA creates a plan for your business, to structure and organize it for success.


Quick Wins SBA guides you through that plan, step-by-step, to build an organization that can and will be a long-term success.
Business owners will have direct unlimited access to Quick Wins SBA Advisors to guide your through the process. Those same Advisors are available to discuss any and all aspects of your business, to help figure out challenges and uncertainties.

Our Mission: Help You Become a Long-Term Success Story

There is a formula for success and a series of steps and processes every successful company takes. When you know what they are and follow them, your business can be everything you imagined.

Quick Wins Smart Business Assist (SBA) can show you the formula. For ten years, we have been helping small business owners create long-term success by following a simple, step-by-step process.