Smart Business Assist

Smart Business Assist (SBA) closes the resource gap, by providing the same Big Corporation knowledge, expertise, and resources – at a price every small business can afford.

We show business owners the SBA formula and guide them through it, step-by-step.

Business Applications

The more businesses can automate tasks, stay organized, and streamline workflow processes, the more efficient and productive the business will become. We have tested the best apps on the market to help navigate you to the best options at a minimal cost.

Ask us about our small business starter kit.

Business Funding

We provide funding advisement to US-based businesses. We assist business owners with unsecured and secured funding with a diverse portfolio of products. Our mission is to find the best source to get your capital when you need it.

How does SBA work?

SBA and You

The SBA program shows business owners how to structure their business for long-term success. We are so confident, we guarantee results: our clients’ business will see improved results in the first month – and every month – or pay nothing.

Here’s how it works. SBA delivers three key services:

  • Diagnose: SBA evaluates your business to understand how your business is structured, how it operates, and what is holding it back.
  • Prescribe: SBA creates a plan for your business, to structure and organize it for success.
  • Cure: SBA guides you through that plan, step-by-step, to build an organization that can and will be a long-term success.

Business owners will have direct unlimited access to SBA Advisors to guide you through the process. Those same Advisors are available to discuss any and all aspects of your business, to help figure out challenges and uncertainties.