Contractor Businesses All Face the Same Challenges:

But the problem is most of your time, money and efforts go into dealing with issues such as:

  • Payment delays and cash flow issues
  • Lack of business knowledge
  • Not enough time
  • Finding the right employees and sub-contractors

These challenges limit your business from getting to the next level. If you don’t change – neither will the results.

There is a simple solution “Do More With Less”.

Quick Wins Consulting will show you how – with a new custom-designed solution built to automate your key tasks and business processes.

Quick Wins Consulting for Contractors is now available!

Brand new automation program for owners designed to:

Grow Revenue – profitably and predictably
Lower Costs – without sacrificing quality
Increase “Output” – do more work with less effort
Fully understand your finances and profits

Our Advisory and Consulting is free!

A Single Platform to Manage Your Entire Business.

Web-based Application Automates Your Business Operations. Our Hosted, Managed System is Simple, Easy-to-Use.

You Monitor Your Business in Just a Few Minutes a Day.

Save Time

Scale / Grow Your Business – Without Adding Cost

Keep Control of Your Business

Focus on Customers and Staff – the System Will Run the Rest

Use the Entire System or Choose Which Parts of Your Business to Automate.


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Our Turnkey Systems Automate the Three Key Business Functions to High-Growth.

They Save You Time, Money, and Allow You to Scale.

Marketing System

60% of all marketing is wasted. The trick is knowing which 60%. Automated:

Steady, Predictable Stream of the "Right" New Leads
Optimize New and Existing Customers
Today's Most Effective Strategies - Digital, Social, Email
Scheduled Marketing
Hosted Technology Tools - CRM, Email, Text, Social

Operations System

Do more with less by creating capacity to grow. Automated:


Daily Work Tasks
Customer, Worker, Supplier Messaging
Scheduling, Estimating, Project Planning, Change Orders
Materials and Subcontractor Procurement
Updates - Customers, Suppliers, Workers

Finance System

An owner has to know how profitable their business is. Automated:

Accurate Financial Information
Bookkeeping / Accounting
Budgeting / Forecasting
Profit Analysis
Access to Capital

Cost Savings

Successful companies look for ways to cut costs. Our consultants will help you save money in every corner of your business:

Payment Processing
Communication / Phone / Internet
Debt Payments
Payroll / Staff
Office and Equipment Purchases

Systems Are Available Separately, OR as a Single, Integrated System.

Automate Your Contractor Business, Simply.

One single platform that does all you need!  Our Advisors will determine exactly how we can help and what it means to you and your business with a Free Consultation and Demo – Take action now!  

For over 10 years, we’ve been helping contractors build high-growth businesses. Our team has spent the last decade researching the best-in-class systems to create a simple but extremely powerful solution that automates your business and lets you focus on customers and workers.  All without giving up control to anyone! 

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    About Us

    Our Mission: Help You Be a Long-Term Success Story

    There is a formula for success, a series of steps and processes every successful company takes. When you know and follow them, your business can be everything you imagined it would be.

    Quick Wins Smart Business Assist (SBA) can show you the formula for success. For 10 years, we have been helping small business owners create long-term success by following a simple, step-by-step formula any business can do.


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    Our Background

    The Quick Wins SBA team is made up of former Fortune 500 executives, who have all started, run, and sold small businesses. Our Advisors know first-hand the life of a small business owner’s life.

    Quick Wins SBA Advisors have all been consultants to large and small businesses for 20 years or more. We know what a successful client should get from us.

    Our Areas of Expertise

    The Quick Wins SBA team has expertise across the spectrum of business skills, from Strategy, to Sales and Marketing, Product Design and Development, Operations, Technology, Customer Service, Finance and Organization/Human Resources.

    There is no problem, challenge, or issue our Advisors haven’t seen and solved before.