Case Studies

Case Study 1:

BBBC Freight

A Midwest trucking company, with two trucks and two drivers wants to grow. There are 2 employees, who are doing everything – driving, sales, finances, marketing, dispatch… They want to add new trucks and new drivers, but know they need to be able to handle more work. AND be able to afford the added costs that come with more business.

Here is what Quick Wins SBA did to help:

  • Set them up on an accounting system – at $0 cost to the company. It will eliminate all the paperwork, save hours every week, eliminate mistakes and forgotten invoices, and let them see exactly what is happening with their money.
  • Showed the owner that one of his routes was actually losing money.
  • Introduced owner to a client who replaced the money-losing client with a profitable one. The new client pays more than double the per mile rate and is a steady, weekly client.
  • Help the owner acquire a new truck to operate the new route.
  • Set up a system to bring on new trucks and new drivers, saving time, money and frustration with all the paperwork.

After just one week, the owner told us “You already made me back my money!”

Case Study 2:

Kocan Transport

A Georgia trucking company, in 2015 had 15 trucks but grew too fast, had to downsize and re-launch. Today, Kocan has four trucks and six drivers, wants to grow the company back to 15-30 trucks.

Here is what Quick Wins SBA did to help:

  • Streamline their dispatch process. It reduces their cost of dispatch by 30% and more important, eliminates mistakes, missing information, and missed opportunities.
  • Established a process for hiring and approving drivers. It cuts their time to hire by over a week (50% reduction) and lowers costs of hiring.
  • Built a process for adding trucks; from identifying trucks to acquire, to licensing, tagging, DOT registration.
  • Set up a bookkeeping system, to eliminate using spreadsheets. This saves several hours every week and eliminates having to reconcile accounting, with payment processing, driver payments, dispatch.

Quick Wins SBA has worked with Kocan since 2015 and helped them set up 3 separate companies. We are currently helping them evaluate buying an existing trucking company in Illinois. One year into their re-launch plan, the owner told us “We need you so we do it right this time .”

Case Study 3:

Cargo Transport

A MA trucking company, with 20 trucks and $2 million in sales and reported profits of $200,000 per year. Cargo had a daily route contract with a major overnight shipper, so had a good revenue foundation. They had a dispatch team, their own internal service team, a sales force, and full-time drivers. They owned their trucks and trailers. But they were constantly short on cash and struggled to pay their bills.

Here is what Quick Wins SBA did to help:

  • Their dedicated overnight route was persistently late, due to traffic and scheduling issues. Quick Wins SBA set up a dispatching process and a notification process between dispatch and drivers to track progress. Drivers, dispatch and the client all knew the status of deliveries in real time.
  • Set up an accounting and financial reporting system to show them how their cash was being used.
  • Streamlined their service process, reducing parts costs, delivery times, and towing/road repair expenses.
  • Helped them to re-finance their equipment loans, to lower cost leases.
  • Built a customer service program, to reduce customer complaints and costs related to service issues.