Who We Are

Quickwins Consulting

is now a Master Agent for CareClix!

CareClix is the World Leader of Telemedicine Solutions, specializing in providing telehealth and medical specialty services to organizations like yours.  In addition, we are the only leading company that allows two of the most frequently requested features available, telemedicine private branding and flex connectivity… meaning you can use your physicians, our physicians, or any combination thereof, including our entire line of medical specialist, behavioral health, and second opinion services.

Our Background

The Quick Wins SBA team is made up of former Fortune 500 executives, who have all started, run, and sold small businesses. Our Advisors know first-hand the life of a small business owner life.

Quick Wins SBA Advisors have all been consultants, to large and small businesses, for 20 years or more. We know what a successful client should get from us.

Our Areas of Expertise

The Quick Wins SBA team has expertise across the spectrum of business skills, from Strategy, to Sales and Marketing, Product Design and Development, Operations, Technology, Customer Service, Finance and Organization/Human Resources.

There is no problem, challenge, or issue our Advisors haven’t seen and solved before.

Why We Do What We Do

Quick Wins SBA made the decision to specialize in helping small business owners build long-term sustainable, successful businesses for one reason.

Small business ownership is touted as the American Dream. Small business is heralded as the economic engine of the US economy. And in fact, more than 90% of all US businesses are small businesses.

But, the economic system is geared to help large corporations prosper and allows small businesses to struggle. According to the US Bureau of Labor, 50% or more of small businesses fail within 3 – 5 years. While this is discouraging enough, it doesn’t include those small businesses that stay in business but struggle to survive for years.